Money Moves: Trends for Investing in Identity in 2020

In advance of our inaugural Investing in Identity Digital Forum-where we’ll unite with investors, prospecting startup founders, and market analysts- the OWI team is here to whet your appetite with some DealBook highlights from the first half of the year. Study up here on some of the most significant identity deal trends and highlights before diving into the Forum next week to learn more about funding in the growing, dynamic identity industry.

Cybersecurity has seen unprecedented levels of deal-making, with identity management, verification, and authentication companies becoming a crown jewel for VCs. As the enterprise shifts to cloud-based data centers and security, digital identity solutions promise big money-really big money (we’re talking $7B in 2019). Now, COVID-19 has caused a seismic acceleration of online identity verification and digital account opening, with VCs eyeing the next wave of darlings doubling down on digital transformation. Read more…

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