7 Ways to Save 100 this Week

Saving money is easier than think. It is just a matter of changing some of your die-hard money and spending habits that are wreaking havoc and causing money leaks. And of course, you’ll want to develop new money habits!

To make this easy on you, turn it into a game and see how many of the 7 ways you can do in a week.

1. Save All Your Change.
Ever noticed how heavy your purse gets from all the loose change that falls to the bottom? Well, now, you have a purpose for it. Instead of spending it, you are going to save it.
The best place to store it is in a decorated and colorful empty jar or coffee can. Once it’s full, take it to the local coin machine at your grocery store or Walmart and turn it into dollars. Don’t spend it! This is your investment money. The goal is for this money to make more money. Buy stocks through Stockpile.com or Robinhood.com.

2. Sell Something.
Our closets and garages are full of stuff we donít need or want. Sell it!
You’ve heard the saying, A woman’s junk, is another woman’s treasure.
Take it to a consignment shop. Sell it on Letgo, ebay, and Swap.com. Set up a table at your local flea market. There are plenty of places to sell your unwanted stuff for money.

3. Get a Side Hustle.
We live in a gig economy. Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, so many choices today. Or, you could sell hand-made products on esty.com. Fiverr.com is another good place for gigs. If you have a great voice, you can earn money doing voice overs.

4. Have a Cash Only Week
We’ve become a cashless society but paying with cash makes you think twice before you spend money versus using your debit or credit card. Think about how mentally hard it is to break a $50 or $100 bill. You don’t want to do it!
So, leave the credit cards and debit cards at home for one week and only carry enough cash to get you through the week. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to save more than $100!

5. No Starbucks for One Week.
Yes, it will be tough for all you Starbucks fans, but we are only talking one week!
Make coffee at home to start your day and if you drink it at the office, bring enough in a fancy thermos bottle to last you all day, so you aren’t tempted to make a Starbucks run. Peets coffee is good and available at most grocery stores.

6. Raise your Car Insurance Deductible.
See if there are discounts for raising your insurance deductible. Although, keep in mind, you’ll have to come out of your pocket more if you get into an accident. Just make sure you have the money to cover the extra.

7. Lower your Cell Phone Bill
The competition for cell phone services are huge. Every company wants your business. Call your cell phone service provider and renegotiate a lower cost on your service. They would rather work with you than to lose you. Go ahead and use that leverage to lower your bill.


Oprah’s Get Wealthy Secrets!

Oprah is no stranger to making money.

She’s a money mogul and has been on the Forbe’s Billionaire’s list of the richest Americans for several years. Even though she has retired from daytime TV, she has her hands in several businesses that are guaranteed to keep her on the billionaire’s road to wealth.
Forbes recently estimated that her 10 percent stake in Weight Watchers is now worth over $365 million dollars. And just recently she invested in True Food kitchen, a health food restaurant chain.

So, what are Oprah’s Wealth Secrets?

1. Oprah believes you should profit from your passion (s). Her advice; do something that you love so that it doesn’t feel like a job. Whether it’s designing jewelry and selling it on Esty.com or Amazon, or baking cupcakes and selling them to Whole Foods, make sure you enjoy doing it. Because when you enjoy it, it’s easier to stick with it and stay focused on it.

2. Oprah loves real estate. Just recently she purchased a 43-acre island estate off the coast of Washington state. Now, you may not be ready for a palatial estate, but you can start with one rental property and earn monthly cash-flow, then rinse and repeat. If you do this right, you can have a real estate portfolio of several rental properties providing you with $5,000 or more in monthly income.

3. Oprah believes in trusting in your gut. She states, “your intuition doesn’t lie.” When her heart told her to take a risk and move to Chicago in 1983, she did it. That one move started her on the path to becoming a billionaire. Next, she followed her gut and invested in Weight Watchers when the company was struggling because she believed in it. Now, the company is thriving and her stake in the company is worth millions.

4. Oprah loves kindness. She built her entire empire on empathy and her ability to connect with others. Studies have shown using kindness to get ahead is one of the most effective ways to boost success, and not being cutthroat and competitive. She believes in abundance and that there is enough for everyone. Why not pitch in and help an associate or reach out to someone on social media and send them an article they may enjoy. It’s this type of kindness that not only makes the world a better place but helps you to build wealth as well.


Learn How to Invest So You Can Shop Until You Drop!

Let’s face it…women love to shop!

So, what if you could learn to make money in the stock market to buy all the shoes, makeup, clothes and purses that you desire…would you be interested?

Imagine never worrying about money because you have a nice stock portfolio making money while you sleep.

Well, this scenario is absolutely possible for you!

In fact, women are better investors than men.

There have been studies of men’s and women’s investment clubs and women consistently made more money with their investing. The reasoning is that women do the research and think through their investment decisions and tend to hold their investments longer.

You see, investing is like shopping for a pair of stilettos.

We know how to compare prices, brands and watch for sales!

Investing is the same way. You figure out what you want, then wait for a good price to buy it. You can do that every week!

When you build wealth, not only can you shop and purchase whatever you want, but you also create a golden goose that creates money for you to have financial freedom!

And putting your money in a regular saving account will not help you to build wealth. You must take some measured risk with your money because it will help you to get a higher return. For example, if you are lucky, a savings account today is paying around 1%. At 1% it will take 72 years to double your money. Definitely, not a good way to build wealth.
But the stock market has returned 10% on average over the long-term, which will double your money in a just over 7 years! As you can, it’s a big difference and why you need to understand and invest in the stock market.

If you’re afraid and don’t have a lot of money to get started in investing in stocks. No worries. There are now online brokerage companies like stockpile.com, that will allow you to open an account with $5!

Once the account is opened, you can purchase fractional shares of companies like Amazon, Apple, Starbucks, and Ulta cosmetics with only $5. And you can set your account on auto-pilot investing.

Every week or month, they will deduct from your checking or debit card, $5, $10, $25 or a determined amount you want to invest in stocks. It’s a no brainer!

So, now, you have no more excuses not to invest in the stock market.

Isn’t it time that you empowered yourself to learn about money and investing?
You only need to decide to do it and then get started!

When your money is making more money, you can then shop until you drop!
Happy Investing!